Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Puppies and Ice Cream For Everyone!

As I was putting on my makeup to go out this evening, I was listening to the live stream of Chet Edwards' town hall meeting and I had a realization. Now, this may be something that others realized a while back but it just hit me today.

All the yelling and sign-waving really isn't about heath care/insurance.

The people who come to these town halls to yell and scream also gripe and complain just like the rest of us when their insurance rates go up or their hospital bill is higher than they thought it should be. It all boils down to the age old debate about how much power and involvement the government should have in the everyday lives of its citizens.

The people who yell and scream at these town halls would yell and scream about anything that meant the government would be more involved in their daily lives. If President Obama announced a plan tomorrow to help ease the suffering caused by the recession by giving everyone in America a free puppy and an ice cream cone, I guarantee that you would have people at town hall meetings yelling about how it should be their decision whether or not they get a dog and asking how private ice cream companies like Baskin-Robbins can hope to compete when the government is giving out free ice cream.

Again, not earth-shattering. Just something I realized for myself this evening.

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