Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Gives You Shoes

It's funny how things work out sometimes.

There was a pair of black heels I had seen on so I went to the the store here in town this morning after teaching class to try them on. They fit well and looked cute but I decided that I didn't really need them that badly and they didn't really add to my wardrobe so I left without getting them.

Often when I'm shopping, I'll find something that I like that fits well but I won't get it immediately. I'll wait for a while as I try to convince myself that it really would look good and that I should get it. So a few days later I'll go back to the store and get the outfit.

I really felt that I didn't need this pair of shoes but it seems that life had other plans.

This afternoon, a friend asked me to go get coffee. As we left the building, I wasn't paying close enough attention and tripped going down the stairs. I was able to catch myself and wasn't hurt at all, except for some embarrassment. I got down the rest of the stairs without incident. Everything seemed to be okay so we went on to get coffee.

After I got back to my office, I found that not everything was alright after all. I checked my shoes and I found that a big gash had been torn in one of the heels. It wasn't bad enough that I couldn't walk in the shoes anymore but it would be pretty obvious to anyone when I wore the shoes.

So the heels I had convinced myself that morning not to get were now something that I actually needed. Sometimes, life gives you shoes.

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  1. This one made me smile, Lucy. I'm glad you didn't get hurt and I'm glad you got those new shoes!

    Calie xxx